Summary of the City of Sacramento’s Ten Serious Measure U Ballot Irregularities

As of September 5, 2012, Eye on Sacramento had identified ten serious ballot irregularities with respect to Measure U for which City of Sacramento officials, elected and appointed, were culpable, either by instigating the irregularity or by failing to perform legally assigned duties to prevent their occurrence or to halt their continuation. The ten serious ballot irregularities are summarized below:

1. The City Council Abused Its Power By Taking Control of Both the Pro and Con Arguments on Measure U.

2. Mayor Johnson Failed to File a Con Ballot Argument As Assigned by the Council, Sandbagging Others Who Were Drafting Con Ballot Arguments.

3. The City Clerk Abused Her Discretion By Refusing To Briefly and Equitably Extend Her Deadline for Submission of Ballot Arguments Opposing Measure U.

4. Three City Councilman Violated the Law by Substituting Shills to “Author” the Argument Opposing Measure U.

5. The City Clerk and the City Attorney Failed to Enforce the Council Resolution and the City Clerk’s Own “Guidelines for Preparation of Ballot Arguments” by Failing to Disqualify the Pro Argument for Clear Non-Compliance With Applicable Rules.

6. Three City Councilman Used Legally Ineligible Ballot Co-Authors as Shills for Their Pro Argument: the Police Chief and Fire Chief.

7. The City Clerk and the City Attorney Wrongfully Refused to Disqualify the Police and Fire Chiefs as Co-Authors of the Pro Argument, Despite Citizen’s Complaint.

8. The City Attorney Authored a False and Misleading Ballot Title and Ballot Summary for Measure U.

9. The Pro Argument Submitted by Three Council Members (Via Five Shills) Contains Numerous False and Misleading Statements in Violation of State Law.

10. The False and Misleading Pro Argument Was Approved Without Objection by the City Clerk and the City Attorney.

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