Blueprint for a Post-Measure U Sacramento: Beyond Our ‘Pay More, Get Less’ City Government
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Summary of EOS’s Cost Savings Recommendations
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EOS Report on History of Sacramento’s Hotel Tax & Convention Center Subsidy: A “Tsunami of Red Ink”
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EOS Report on Spending of Measure A Taxes & Summary of Findings
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Avoiding Both Bankruptcy and a Transit Death Spiral
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El Centro Reservoir trihalomethanes chart
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Table of Proposed Sunshine Ordinance Reforms
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Eye on Sacramento Releases Package of Proposed City Reforms
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City Ethics & Transparency Reform Project Forums, Summary of Public Comment
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Considering Ethics Report in Sacramento: An Overview
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Sacramento Streetcar Project
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Measure L, 2014
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Arena Project and Financing Plan
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Sacramento’s Hotel Tax/Convention Center Subsidy:  A River of Red Ink
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Arena Proposal
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City of Sacramento Credit Card Charges
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Proposed Argument Against Measure U
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City of Sacramento Water and Sewer Rate Hikes and Infrastructure Repair Plan
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The City’s Garbage Contract with BLT Enterprises: Time for Full Accountability
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City Redistricting Proposal
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