Policy Incubator

Municipal Policy Research and Development: EOS’ Policy Incubator

There are numerous think tanks and public policy institutes offering policy prescriptions for the problems of federal and state governments, but only a tiny handful that focus on the unique problems confronting municipal governments and none at all that focus exclusively on local government in Sacramento. Eye on Sacramento fills that void by engaging in peer-reviewed, municipal policy research and development that addresses the major problems challenging Sacramento local government – EOS’ Policy Incubator.

Selecting Issues & Building EOS Policy Teams

To husband resources and maintain high research standards, Eye on Sacramento carefully selects the policy areas that it wishes to review. The selection of a policy initiative involves consultation with EOS’ Board of Advisors and requires supermajority approval of the EOS Board of Directors. Once an initiative is approved, a policy team leader is selected and a policy team is developed.

EOS reaches out to local colleges, universities and other institutions to recruit professors, policy experts and student interns to support its policy development efforts and to staff its policy teams. All EOS policy research is subject to both internal and external peer review prior to publication and distribution.

Policy is not developed in a vacuum but with extensive outreach to policy specialists, academics, government officials, stakeholders and the public at large through survey research, personal interviews and other fact-finding methods. EOS also welcomes opportunities to collaborate with other policy-based organizations, educational institutions, media, associations and governmental entities.

Through a careful review of the “best practices” of a wide variety of other public policy research organizations, Eye on Sacramento is developing a set of research protocols to assure the quality and independence of our policy research and development.

Current Policy Initiatives

Eye on Sacramento is currently examining policies of the City of Sacramento in the following areas: general fund budget, city utilities, employee pensions and retirement health care benefits, redevelopment, ethics, and redistricting. These policy selections are reflective of Eye on Sacramento’s strategic decision to focus its policy research in its first year of operations on matters involving the City of Sacramento.

Ad Hoc Policy Positions

There are times when a public controversy will arise or a policy debate will occur on a matter that presents policy makers and local government officials with little time to deliberate before official action of some kind is required. In such circumstances, Eye on Sacramento may, with the approval of its Board of Director or Executive Committee, elect to express its views on the matter without following its normal policy research and development protocols.

If you would like more information on EOS’s Policy Incubator or you have an interest in becoming a member of one of EOS’s policy teams, please contact Policy Director, Erik Smitt phone: (916) 403-0592; e-mail: erik@eyeonsacramento.org