Community Unit

A central goal of Eye on Sacramento is to give voice to the concerns and aspirations of Sacramento residents and neighborhoods through a program of community outreach. There is no question that many Sacramento residents feel disempowered, disconnected and, to a significant degree, disaffected from local government. Residents don’t feel listened to or that their opinions really matter in the halls of power. EOS’s goal with its community outreach program is to change this dynamic.

Eye on Sacramento has apportioned the city into zones and assigned one or more EOS representatives to liaise with all neighborhood and community-based groups in each zone and to build relationships with concerned community leaders and members throughout the city. EOS representatives’ first responsibility is to listen to the issues and concerns of community members. Representatives will also regularly brief groups and their members on city news as reported by EOS’s Watchdog Unit, as well as regularly provide updates on the status of EOS’ pending policy initiatives.

EOS also plans to foster neighborhood communications by offering groups and residents opportunities to participate in blogs (neighborhood-based and city-wide) and Listservs. EOS also plans to extend invitations through its representatives to residents to participate in area forums on a periodic basis or on an issue-driven basis (i.e. parks, crime, blight, schools) based on the concerns they voice to EOS representatives.

EOS also continuously tracks community views and sentiment through survey research (polling), establishing both baseline data on residents views on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, as well as periodic surveys on specific issues impacting local communities and/or the city at large.

To speak with your neighborhood’s EOS representative, please call Lisa Garcia, Vice-President & Community Outreach Director, at (916) 403-0592 or e-mail Lisa at You should also contact Lisa if you have an interest in serving as an EOS representative.