About Us

Eye on Sacramento is an independent, nonpartisan, community-based nonprofit organization committed to keeping a close and watchful eye on the actions and policies of local Sacramento government (view more under “Watchdog Unit“). It also originates and advances smart policy solutions to challenging and seemingly intractable local government problems – solutions which promote the broad, general interest of all Sacramento residents and neighborhoods (view more under “Policy Incubator“). Finally, Eye on Sacramento gives voice to the concerns and aspirations of Sacramento residents and neighborhoods through neighborhood outreach efforts and the use of modern communication tools (view more under “Community Unit“).

Our Goals

Eye on Sacramento believes that openness and transparency in local government is indispensible to the fostering of responsive, effective and ethical government. In the words of legendary U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis: “Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants.”

We are also mindful of a current vacuum in local government affairs in which the broad, general interests of Sacramento residents and neighborhoods are not adequately represented in local government affairs. Too often, the broad public interest is sacrificed to the power of special interests in Sacramento. Eye on Sacramento helps fill that vacuum and serves as a necessary counterweight to the excessive and unhealthy influence of special interests in local government.

By matching responsible, well-considered public policy solutions with the legitimate concerns and aspirations of Sacramento residents and neighborhoods, Eye on Sacramento seeks to better the quality of local government, improve local economic opportunity and protect and enhance the quality of life in Sacramento, now and in the future.

Who We Are

Eye on Sacramento is nonprofit public benefit corporation led by a Board of Directors.

The members of the Board of Directors of Eye on Sacramento are: Craig K. Powell,  Lisa Garcia, Carl Burton,  Diane Schachterle, Erik Smitt, Karen Klinger, Sarah Foster, and Lisa McGovern.

Eye on Sacramento is also organizing a Board of Advisors to provide guidance on the selection of policy areas for EOS review, staffing policy research teams, building coalitions and networks with community groups and other stakeholders.