Eye on Sacramento Issues Report on Darrell Steinberg’s Strong Mayor Ballot Measure


For Immediate Release
Date/Time: September 10, 2020, 5:00 a.m
Contacts: Craig Powell, President, Eye on Sacramento
Phone: (916) 718-3030
E-mail: craig@eyeonsacramento.org
Chris Jones, Policy Analyst, Eye on Sacramento
Phone: (484) 340-0709
E-mail: chrispatrick.jones@gmail.com

Eye on Sacramento Issues Report on Darrell Steinberg’s Strong Mayor Ballot Measure

Eye on Sacramento, Sacramento’s local government watchdog group, released today its “Report on Measure A,” a comprehensive review of Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s ballot measure that would restructure city government and grant him “strong mayor” powers. The Report is viewable here and an Executive Summary is viewable here.

The EOS Report includes the following findings and conclusions:

  • Strong Mayor Was Exhaustively Debated and Settled by Voters in 2014
  • The Frenzied Rush to Place Measure A on the Ballot is an Affront to Democracy
  • Most of the Signers of the Ballot Arguments in Support of Measure A Have Potential Financial Conflicts of Interests
  • City Governance Should Not Be Overhauled Without Good Cause
  • Real Accountability Means Being Held to Account for Performance, Which Measure A Would Undermine Rather Than Assure
  • Measure A Would Reduce the Influence of Councilmembers, Citizens and Neighborhoods
  • Measure A Would Likely Reduce the Efficiency & Effectiveness of Government Operations, But Would Have Likely Little Impact on Major City Policies
  • The Sweeteners Included in Measure A Are Unvetted, Vague, Illusory and/or Legally Suspect
  • Measure A’s $40 Million Annual Spending Mandate Would Create Endless Financial, Legal and City Service Problems
  • Measure A’s Ambiguous “Reauthorization” Provision is Not a True Sunset
  • Studies Show That Municipal Corruption Convictions Are Strongly Correlated with the Executive Mayor Form of Governance