Nominee for this year’s Economic Ignoramus Award

I’m nominating city staffer Davna Gauthier for this year’s “Economic Ignoramus Award” for her staff report on a proposal to expand the city’s taxicab regulations.  The first line of her report summary captures not just her manifest ignorance of basic economics, but shows how easily the incumbents in a regulated industry can capture the very government that is supposed to be regulating it.

Craig Powell, President of Eye On Sacramento

From next week’s agenda for the city’s Law & Legislation Committee:

5.  Recommendation for the Expansion of Taxicab Regulations Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Location: Citywide Issue: The City of Sacramento and the taxi industry concur that there are too many taxis in the Sacramento area, especially in downtown Sacramento. In August 2011, the City council implemented a tax vehicle permit moratorium to allow staff time to address potential solutions to the influx of taxis in the downtown and other areas of the City. Since that time, staff has been researching limiting the number of taxicab permits, as well as regulations that would improve the taxi industry/services in the City

Recommendation: Discuss and provide direction on staff recommendations for actions designed to improve the City’s taxicab services and to regulate the industry in a manner similar to other cities of our six and to protect public health and safety. Contact: Dafna Gauthier, Business Permit Manager, (916) 808-7800; Brad Wasson, Revenue Manager, (916) 808-5844; Finance Department. Member Comments-Ideas, Questions and Meeting/Conference Reports

Item 05 – Recommendations for the Expansion of Taxicab Regulations (PDF – 165KB)


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Craig Powell is an attorney, businessman and community activist. He serves as President of Eye on Sacramento