Watchdog Unit

EOS’ Role as a Monitor of Sacramento Local Government – The Watchdog Unit

Eye on Sacramento takes its role as a watchdog of local Sacramento government very seriously. The Watchdog Unit scrutinizes the actions and policy development in local government. EOS volunteers monitor governing bodies by reviewing meeting agendas and staff reports, questioning staff prior to meetings, appearing and testifying at meetings of governing bodies and committees and conferring regularly with elected officials and staff on pending or proposed matters.

The Watchdog Unit also initiate inquiries into matters of public interest or concern by requesting and reviewing government documents, either cooperatively or through formal public records requests filed under the California Public Records Act which mandates the release of public records.

Eye on Sacramento then alerts the community on matters of importance involving local government through an array of media: newspaper and magazine articles, e-newsletters, e-mail alerts, web postings, You-Tube videos and regular blogging on Facebook and Twitter. If you would like stay fully up to date on EOS News, please become an EOS member today.

If you would like to become a volunteer in Eye on Sacramento’s Watchdog Unit, please contact our Executive Assistant, Anna Robertson at (916) 403-0592 or e-mail us at