Eye on Sacramento Releases its “Blueprint for a Post-Measure U Sacramento: Beyond Our ‘Pay More, Get Less’ City Government”


For Immediate Release
Date/Time: October 16, 2018, 2:30 p.m.
Contact: Craig Powell, President
Eye on Sacramento
Phone: (916) 718-3030
E-mail: craig@eyeonsacramento.org

Eye on Sacramento Releases its “Blueprint for a Post-Measure U Sacramento: Beyond Our ‘Pay More, Get Less’ City Government”

Local government watchdog Eye on Sacramento issued its “Blueprint for a Post-Measure U Sacramento” this morning at a press conference outside of Sacramento City Hall. The report, subtitled “Beyond Our ‘Pay More, Get Less’ City Government,” includes 22 detailed recommendations for how the City of Sacramento could reduce its general fund spending by more than $125 million annually – without any reduction in the levels of its core city services.

EOS President Craig Powell said, “Sacramento is at a critical inflection point. Will we be a city that delivers the highest and best value for its citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars while preserving and improving core public services, or will we be a city that caters to politically influential special interests at the ever growing, and increasingly unaffordable, expense of Sacramento residents?”

“Our Blueprint provides an a la carte menu of sound, prudent budget choices for the Sacramento City Council to select from to reassert control over the city’s serious and growing budget problems, which are driven first and foremost by a projected $62 million annual hike in its pension bill from CalPERS. If Measure U is approved by voters, the looming $62 million legal claim of CalPERS would vacuum up every dollar of the nearly $50 million in new taxes Measure U would produce and the city would be back to voters in two years’ time to ask them to approve yet another tax increase.

“Our Blueprint offers a different direction. If the bulk of its recommendations are adopted by the City Council, it would free up more financial resources for high-priority city services and projects than the $50 million in higher taxes that Measure U would produce – and would do it without inflicting financial pain on Sacramento’s modest-income families, seniors on fixed incomes, the poor and the homeless who lack the discretionary income to absorb the regressive sales tax hike. Our approach also wouldn’t drive down the sales of Sacramento’s small businesses or endanger the livelihoods of their employees as Measure U would.

“We’re very appreciative of the work of Blueprint co-author Ms. Marcia Fritz, CPA (Inactive), whose three decades of experience in auditing local governments and her respected work in helping state and local governments reign in escalating pension and other labor costs has assisted us greatly in preparing this report,” Powell concluded.

Measure U is a proposal on this year’s general election ballot that would double an expiring ½% sales tax hike in the City of Sacramento adopted in 2012. It would also replace the temporary 2012 tax hike with a permanent one.

Below are links to the 39-page Blueprint and a 5-page “Summary of EOS’s Cost-Savings Recommendations.”

Click Here to view/download the Blueprint for a Post-Measure U Sacramento: Beyond Our ‘Pay More, Get Less’ City Government

Click Here to view/download the Summary of EOS’s Cost Savings Recommendations


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  18. I admire your taking an interest in the mismanagement and waste in local government. Many of the City’s problems are also the county”s problems. If you can put me in touch with a organization that would be addressing the county’s problems, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you for your work.

    • Marcia Fritz says:

      The Sacramento Taxpayer Association also addresses the County and other municipalities in the Sacramento region.